prune 🍇

If you’re like me you often find you have more tabs open than you plan on reading, and are usually too lazy to clean them up properly.

Many tabs that was actually a pretty light day

Maybe you have multiple tabs of the same page open because you lost where the last one was.

Multiple g-mail tabs open career success is proportional to the number of times you check your e-mail

You may even have some articles that you don’t think are important enough to bookmark, yet you don’t have the willpower to close them on your own.

Rust book testing tab tests are just for people who don’t believe in themselves anyways

I’m frequently guilty of all these things, so I decided to work on a quick little thingy to make my life easier.

Prune logo

…is a small Chrome extension that will prevent you from opening any duplicate tabs. Instead, it’ll just focus the one you already have opened.

You can download it on the Chrome store here.

You can also set it up to automatically close tabs you haven’t looked at in awhile, with a configurable threshold for determining inactivity. I’ve been experimenting with having my tabs snipped away after a week of inattention, which seems to work for me.

If you’re worried you’re not brave enough to let go of your old tabs, don’t forget you can still look at your history if you weren’t ready to move on and find yourself missing some of them later.

Hope you like it!