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dev 💻 artist 🧑‍🎨 goof 😬
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tools 🛠️

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Languages["Python", "C#", "Typescript", "Java", "Rust", "Go", "Ruby", "HTML & CSS"]

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Buzzwords["Angular", "Android", "AWS", "Azure", "Cloudflare", "Datadog", "Django", "Docker", "FastAPI", "Flask", "Git", "GitHub", "Jenkins", "Kafka", "Kubernetes", "Linkerd", "MySQL", "Netlify", "Next.js", "Node.js", "OpenTelemetry", "PostgreSQL", "React", "Redis", "Remix"]
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work-experience 👷
Site Reliability Engineer LinkedIn  // Nov 2021 - present

Maintains 99.9% availability of all online applications comprising LinkedIn's targeting, ramping, and experimentation platform (T-REX).

Supports applications which service up to 1 million requests per second.

Modernized application instrumentation, adding distributed tracing to several crucial, high-throughput applications.

Executed load tests to identify severe scale limitations in a service slated to be used by our entire fleet before its general release.

Software Engineer Earnin  // March 2019 - August 2021

Created a browser registration funnel for our previously mobile-only application, reducing cost of user acquisition by 50% and paving the way for future investment into a cross-platform target for application development.

Built an internal Slack application for co-workers to show each other appreciation through coin emojis, dubbed "Earnin Coin", which went viral internally. Regularly reached 100s of weekly transactions. Included a real economy, a weekly leaderboard to celebrate high coin earners, and was consistently touted as making employees feel better about giving and receiving help.

Reduced flagship app average login time by 1/4 (~300ms).

Created an in-house Python tool for "short-term" improvements (was still used over a year later) to deployment pipelines of our main monolith as well as other legacy C# applications, eliminating all deployment-related user-facing errors. Included writing extensive documentation and training 30+ developers on tools use, which allowed engineers to confidently and safely deploy legacy code without fear of user impact.

Lead a project to refactor application referral process, after taking over service ownership and discovering current systems dependency on advertising IDs, and the impending deprecation of IDFA on iOS 14.5. Contributions included full backend system design and implementation, facilitating hundreds of successful referrals per day.

Built a custom Dependabot instance for keeping private internal packages up to date, also added the ability to group multiple dependency updates into a single diff (two features not yet supported natively by GitHub).

Discovered source of ~20ms per request latency present in all backend microservices, and then worked on a team benchmarking replacements for the responsible components.

Built a notification system which audited access logs for any reads to internal employee data.

...and more.

Full-Stack Software Developer Brockman Consulting  // Nov. 2018 – March 2019

Contract software development work as an independent programmer.

Built an automated job-dispatching application for an industrial and oil-field safety services company using Twilio and Node.js.

Junior Software Developer Microquest  // Jan. 2015 – Mar. 2016

Worked on a team of software developers and QA personnel to create a health care-related chat application, with the aim of facilitating the secure sharing of patient information between both clinics and physicians within Canada.

Built using Angular and Node.js (leveraging WebSockets).

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projects 📁
personal website

My blog and showcase. Hosted on GitHub pages and written in plain ol' Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It's small, it loads quickly, and it costs me nothing (other than the domain).

A small Chrome extension to help you trim your garden of tabs. You can check out the source code here.


A private website dedicated to playing my Soundcloud reposts and likes. Mainly built as an exercise in designing a frontend audio player and accompanying backend.


A proximity-based jukebox application for Android. Integrates with Spotify and uses the Android Connections API to establish connections between nearby clients (patrons) and servers (jukeboxes), allowing everyone to stop fighting over the aux.

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open-source-contributions 🌎

Added "Open in New Tab" context-menu functionality to the find-and-replace package.


"What! Really? He’s a Linkerd contributor!" ... I made some CSS changes to the website and fixed some incorrect documentation.

Review Board

Re-designed the Git diff viewer for mobile devices and implemented a minor bug fix as part of a UCOSP student project.


Forked and updated several components to eliminate an application vulnerability. Read about it here.

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education 🎓
B.Sc w/ Specialization
Computing Science
University of Alberta
// Nov. 2018